We put theory into action

Together, through continuous inquiry, we aim to get closer to the bottom of things.

We let ourselves be guided by questions and not ready-made answers.

We create a space where everyone can actively participate and learn from one another.

We start from here

Switzerland too, has a colonial past. Thus, we take postcolonial theories as the starting point of our reflection on action.

Everyday ideas and concepts can be colonially embedded and find their way into our thinking and behaving – individually as well as collectively and systematically.

There are more tangible examples such as (Swiss) migration law enforcement, racially influenced street names, building inscriptions and historical paintings as well as less tangible but equally insidious examples, such as racial profiling, the “Schokokuss-Debate”, questions of belonging and integration into Swiss society. The list goes on.

We do it as follows

We believe decolonial problematization of the academic, political and social context is central to transforming patterns of thought as well as expanding and challenging the current canon of knowledge.

Thus, we create monthly interventions to raise awareness and spark discussions on coloniality and decolonial action.

Twice a year we organize an action to actively and publicly engage with the colonial past of Switzerland, ongoing coloniality and Swiss (neo)colonialism.

Decolonizing Zurich and the places beyond requires new measures constantly. It also requires all of us to get uncomfortable and inventive.

We meet every first Wednesday of the month to confront this challenge – Join us!

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