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decolonial zine

We printed our first fanzine about decolonial utopia!

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upcoming events

  • Workshop Colonial and Anti-Colonial Zurich: Silences, Layers and Urgencies
    Sa., 07. Aug.
    How do we understand the traces, marks and impact of colonial structures in the public space? Which histories and stories against colonialism and racism can be seen in the city? We will discuss such questions as the initial step to create a decolonial map of the city of Zurich.
  • Artist Talk: ChocoBananaEntanglements
    Mi., 11. Aug.
    The visual artist Adán Vallencillo will address the issue of the history of chocolate and its hidden connections between Mesoamerican history, colonization and lucky Switzerland.
  • Let’s walk (decolonially!)
    Mi., 18. Aug.
    A collective decolonial walk through different colonial places. The goal would be to exchange our perspectives about their colonial entanglements and to discuss possibilities of intervention, contextualization and changes of attitudes in the public space.
  • Workshop Remapping Zurich: Unsilencing, Unlearning, Unhiding
    Sa., 21. Aug.
    How should we build an anti-colonial decolonial memory culture? How can we show the different layers of colonialism and racism? How can we disrupt the visible marks of colonialism and racisms? How can we connect with the histories beyond the Swiss borders?
  • practice #5: power to the people: a walk through zürich through the eyes of a reffugee
    Sa., 04. Sept.
    Power to the People Walk and Decolonize Zurich have put together a tour that will show you Zurich through the eyes of a refugee. Our aim is to make visible what politics have actively and willingly made invisible. Rediscover Zurich free of prejudice and colonial thought.
  • Decolonial Volumes Archive
    Mi., 15. Sept.
    Volumes Archive
    We have been invited to decolonize the Volumes Archive! Join us! We will comb the archive for inspiring publications and discuss how we can decolonize the existing Volumes Archive.

Decolonial possibilities in urban space

Our statement in reaction to the report "Möglichkeiten zum Umgang mit kolonialen Spuren im Stadtraum" published march 2021 by the city of Zurich. Translated into albanian, arabic is coming soon, turkish, portugies, spanish, english, german, french and italian.

Read it here

DZ Statement_engl.jpg
DZ Statement_türk.jpg
DZ Statement_esp.jpg

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