action #2: decolonial zine

Updated: Jan 11

17/04/2021 and 15/05/2021

On the 17th of April we reunited virtually with Paloma Ayala for the first part of the decolonial zine workshop. The idea behind the zine is to explore a decolonial utopia as a performative journey that creates relations and possibilities of autonomy, solidarity, and coexistence.

Knowing how to start imagining a decolonial utopia is no straightforward task but with Paloma Ayala’s guidance we took a plunge into the many ways a decolonial utopia could look, feel and sound like and collected objects for inspiration:

  • a functional thing

  • a personally significant thing

  • a magical thing

  • a thing that elicits a memory

  • a thing that you use with another (human or not)

In part one of the workshop...

we realized, there are many questions that arise when thinking about a decolonial utopia: How do we work with the concept of utopia when it is embedded in colonial and eurocentric discourse? Does utopia have to be in the future? Is there optimism in dystopia? How can we imagine utopias that are “doable”? And as always, how can we imagine and detach ourselves from the current colonial structures?

We took the historical context of the idea of utopia over to the current colonization of mars to possible utopias in the present. The latter would be the starting point for the continuation of the zine workshop. As a participant declared: “We don't need to start anew, we could live with trouble and speculate in the real, in the communities”

In part two ….

We came together again to hope for a world where many worlds can coexist. We took the idea of a decolonial utopia as a starting point for our imagining.

From the collection of keywords, conversations, and the different forms of protocols that emerged in those rounds, artist Paloma Ayala picked up words like softness, life affirmation processes, flow, and pluriversality to try to guide a sort of fluid travel between formats – from 3d to printed media in this case. The final product: a pocket size booklet, with a soft cover, heavy with meaning one can carry with.

You want one? We are happy to send you a copy for the production price of 6.-

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