practice #6: Decolonial Archive @Volumes Archive

Updated: Jan 11


Archives are structures of power. They classify and order material which then legitimizes determined institutions such as the state, the museum or the city. Consequently, they marginalize material that is deemed unimportant or unworthy.

Decolonizing the archives means making such power structures visible and recognizing the relevance of silenced and repressed histories.

Such a strategy should be the first step towards new forms of archiving. Volumes Archive is already on this path, creating and organizing a polyphonic archive that highlights the independent publishing scene outside of the institutional.

Our contribution aims to look to the traces of silenced colonial histories in the archive material and to make visible (and to add) material that inspires decolonial action.

Our decolonial section should reinforce and inspire decolonial action in the city of Zurich! We will continue the interventions in the archive in a later session. We will publish a new date as soon as possible, so stay tuned!