practice #5: Power to the People Walk

Updated: Jan 11


This practice took us on a discovery walk through a different kind of city, one told from the perspective of the people that have left their homes behind and their dreams on hold, seeking asylum in a place completely different from what they know and love.

How many of you think of Zurich as a home?

How many of you know another refugee person?

How many of you have been to this exact place before?

The walk raised important questions & thoughts. We'd like to leave you with some quotes from that day: "As a refugee, you come from a hostile world to a new one that treats you as an awkward person. For me, living in Zurich as a refugee has two sides: living in a city that likes you a lot but at the same time living a life that sucks. I seek to reflect on how to rehumanize the city through my personal experience."